After more than a year in preview R Tools for Visual Studio, the open-source extension to the Visual Studio IDE for R programming, is nearing its official release. RTVS Release Candidate 1 is now available for download, giving you the opportunity to try out the new features ahead of the official announcement.


Preview: R Tools for Visual Studio 1.0


We’ll cover the features in detail with the general availability release of RTVS 1.0, but in summary the new features include:

  • Remote Execution: type R code in your local RTVS instance, but have the computations performed on a remote R server. You can also switch between local and remote workspaces at will.
  • SQL Server Integration: work with database connections and SQL queries, and create stored procedures with embedded R code.
  • Enhanced R Graphics Support: multiple floating and dockable plot windows, each with plot history.

RTVS works with all flavours of R on Windows: CRAN R, Microsoft R Open, and Microsoft R Client & Server. It requires Visual Studio 2015 (including the free Community edition). The RTVS team welcomes your feedback: you can report issues or offer suggestions via the RTVS Github repository. To get started with RTVS, follow the link below.

R Tools for Visual Studio: Welcome to R Tools for Visual Studio Preview!


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