hrbrthemes : Additional Themes and Theme Components for ‘ggplot2’

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This is a very focused package that provides typography-centric themes and theme components for ggplot2. It’s a an extract/riff of


created by request.

The core theme:


(“ipsum” is Latin for “precise”) uses Arial Narrow which should be installed on practically any modern system, so it’s “free”-ish. This font is condensed, has solid default kerning pairs and geometric numbers. That’s what I consider the “font trifecta” must-have for charts. An additional quality for fonts for charts is that they have a diversity of weights. Arial Narrow (the one on most systems, anyway) does not have said diversity but this quality is not (IMO) a “must have”.

The following functions are implemented/objects are exported:

  • theme_ipsum : Arial Narrow-based theme
  • theme_ipsum_rc : Roboto Condensed-based theme
  • gg_check: Spell check ggplot2 plot labels
  • update_geom_font_defaults: Update matching font defaults for text geoms (the default is — unsurprisingly — Arial Narrow)
  • scale_x_comma / scale_y_comma : Comma format for axis text and expand=c(0,0) (you need to set limits)
  • scale_x_percent / scale_y_percent : Percent format for axis text and expand=c(0,0) (you need to set limits)
  • scale_color_ipsum / scale_fill_ipsum / ipsum_pal : A muted discrete color palette with 9 colors
  • font_an: a short global alias for “ Arial Narrow
  • font_rc: a short global alias for “ Roboto Condensed
  • font_rc_light: a short global alias for “ Roboto Condensed Light



Base theme (Arial Narrow)

Roboto Condensed

Scales (Color/Fill)

Scales (Axis)

Spellcheck ggplot2 labels

Test Results